The Twins' Birth

Happy Birthday to Ethan and Lucas!

After so much work and planing the day has come to meet the twins.  
Ethan aka "twin A" arrives with two pushes.
7 minutes later Lucas aka "twin B" greets Mom.  Everyone shares the collective relief that all is well.
Ethan being transfered to NICU due to suspected breathing difficulties.
Lucas, chilling out after a busy day of being born.
Lucas and Mom getting to know each other from a new perspective.
Ethan fighting hard to get his lungs working.
Ethan and Mom, sweet cherrished touch as the worryand fear set in.
Mom, Dad and the NICU doctor as they wait to see how Ethan progresses.
Mom and Dad drinking in the sweetness that is Lucas.
Saying goodbye as Dad heads to Children's Hospital to be with Ethan who will later have open heart surgery at 12 hours old.  I am very happy to report that Ethan is doing well after a 3 week hospital stay.  He and his brother Lucas are already hatching plans for how to keep Mom and Dad awake as much as possible.
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